TPO Messege

TPO Messege


The Training and Placement cell Provides a raised platform in professionalism, personality grooming for the budding talents.

Bishnupur Public Institute of Engineering stretches out its fullest assistance, co-operation and support to the final year students for suitable placement in different re-owned companies.

The T.P.O. cell has a flaw-less track record of placing students in most of the eminent companies.

Bishnupur Public Institute of Engineering through its structured and comprehensive manning model has successfully transformed thousands of aspiring engineers to industry ready resources.

The training model Combines aptitude, technical behavior, skills development as a part of regular academic activity skills and grooming.

Students of 2nd and 3rd Year do various summer and winter training in different Industries like D.P.L., D.S.P., Kharagpur Railway, N.T.P.I., H.P., P.W.D. (Building Construction, Road Construction) etc.