Anti Ragging Measures

Anti Ragging Measures

All AICTE approved Institutions are under compulsion to follow the regulations framed for curbing the menace of Ragging. To eradicate the evil of Ragging the Supreme Court of India has asked all students and their parents, guardians to submit the specified affidavits at the time of admission. Ragging is a criminal offence and as per the directives of the Supreme Court, the College Authority shall expel a student and inform the matter to the police, if he/she is found responsible for the ragging. In BPIE, there is no event of Ragging till date. The academic building, library and hostel for the 1st year students are completely separate from those of the 2nd and 3rd year students.

We have taken steps to check the evil of ragging through-

1. Anti-Ragging Committee.

2. Anti-Ragging Squad.

3. Anti-Ragging Mentoring.

4.Anti-Ragging Monitoring.

The Anti -Ragging Committee and the Anti-Ragging Squad have been formed.In case of necessity, the students will contact the members of the Committee and the Squad. The Committee is headed by Sri Jayanta Das M-9434392162 Director, Sri Nikhil Banerjee M-9434239067 Director, Tanmay Bhandari M-9434392202 Director and Sri Debabrata Paul M-9433403621 Principal.